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I help early-stage teams build products.

I’m a designer & strategist that works with early-stage ventures across product, brand and business.

Initially in investment with Barclays, the last 7+ years I’ve primarily spent with startups navigating the product-market fit & early growth stages.

My focus is on creating products that empower humans to be healthier, more self-sufficient and more vibrant versions of themselves.

Launching new products & ventures from scratch

Starting from raw concept and leading iterations of the core product/service, market positioning and customer acquisition channels to find product-market fit.

Improving existing product & service experiences

Finding opportunities across the entire customer journey to create stickier user engagement and improve growth mechanics.

Business strategy & big picture questions

What markets to go after, what products to build and in what order? Should we prioritise growth or monetisation? What’s our business model?

I work with established methods in product design, innovation and venture building. My approach is a combination of high-level strategy and hands-on execution.

Design Thinking
User & Market Research
Prototyping & Testing
Data-driven Analysis
Product Architecture
Customer Journey Design
Gamification Mechanics
Behavioural Psychology
Brand Strategy
Growth Funnels
Business Model Design
Financial Modelling
Investment analyst at Barclays in the UK & Hong Kong.
Launched two ventures in fashion and marketing in China.
Built the original e-commerce operation for Migraine Escape, delivering a life-changing wellness experience to customers across Australia.
User experience & product strategy for Labfront, a platform out to empower medical researchers and accelerate scientific progress.
Consulted corporate and startup clients on user experience, brand & business innovation with PEBBO in Taiwan.
Co-founded Moment, Taiwan’s leading digital pet wellness brand, co-leading product development & business strategy.
Currently building Noodles (in beta) to make learning languages easier and open up a world of adventure to everyone.

Redesigning education

Not just the democratisation of learned knowledge & skills; but mindsets, tools, methods and environments that enable more people to find inner peace, cultivate wellness and pursue their life’s purpose.

Mindful tech

I care about tech solutions that facilitate greater integration & connectedness with the real world, other humans and nature; as opposed to those designed to keep you in the screen and suck you dry!!

Circular systems

Products, services and experiences designed to curb overconsumption, create value from the exhaust they/their users create, and inspire the adoption of circular design principles in broader society.

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